Navigating the changing landscape of ministry can feel impossible.

It doesn’t have to.

Hi! I'm Frederick L. Anderson. My close friends call me F. L. I'm an author, entrepreneur, and former pastor.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that ministry has changed. The landscape is much different now. It has many different looks, niches, platforms and audiences. More than ever, the ability to adapt and change to fit these new dynamics is crucial.

Since 2011 I’ve provided one-on-one coaching to help leaders navigate the changing landscape of ministry, advising them in the following areas:

  • Culture and trends

  • Generational shifts

  • Digital strategy

  • Content strategy

  • Product strategy

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Get one-on-one consultation to help
you lead your ministry into the future.


  • Get guidance with navigating and understanding the changing landscape of ministry.

  • Five tools to help you do and think about ministry differently.

  • Understanding your digital platforms
    and how to effectively use them.

"It's good to rely on good, biblically sound leaders, who can help you navigate through unclear times. F. L. Anderson is such a leader. There have been times when I wanted clarity relating to my online presence. He made a simple suggestion that I implemented and already his advise is bearing fruit. F. L. has always provided me with sound actionable advice. He has a knack for recognizing trends, and has helped me to navigate from where I was. If you want to cut to the chase, and get results, I encourage you to seek out his advice. You won’t be disappointed."

Tim Kurtz, Author Founder –
The Ekklesia Center

Insight, perspective and the ability to see beyond the moment, this is F. L. Anderson.

When I have an opportunity or an idea, I call F. L., we talk, and all of a sudden insight, perspective and vision beyond the moment comes to that opportunity, or idea. F. L. has been an invaluable resource to me for years, and I’m excited that others are getting the chance to experience his insight, perspective and vision to maximize their impact in ministry during these changing times."

Thomas Wynn - Pastor
Lebanon United Methodist Church
Antioch United Methodist Church

"I will never forget how God used F. L. Anderson in my life and ministry. I was very resistant to social media. F. L. told me one day over the phone…’Sister Sharon, if you don’t learn how to use social media, your ministry will not go forth. You have to learn these things.’ I will never forget these things that the Holy Spirit ministered to me to move forward in the things F. L. spoke"

Sharon Johnson - Founder


Get access to what you need to lead your ministry into the future.

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