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”A Big Time Shout Out to Fred Anderson for the Care, Compassion, Concern, and diligent work on our lawn after the Texas Two Step Freeze! He was able to Rejuvenate, Reinvigorate and Revitalize our lawn where a national brand could not. AND, this was done without plugs, pods, or patches!”

Ceejay Joseph
SAG-AFTRA 2nd Vice President

Here's why lawn health and fertilization is important

Fertilizer replaces and replenishes the essentials your lawn needs for a great look. Your lawn needs nutrients to thrive and survive. For soil to be as rich as possible, and full of healthy microbes, it needs 3 key elements: Phosphorous, Nitrate and Potassium.

Think of this as the trinity for your lawn. If you don’t have even one of these, your lawn will look unhealthy, shriveled and brown. Compost application, as well as bug, weed and fungus control treatments, act as vaccinations to keep your lawn thieving and healthy all year round.


I developed a "Green Thumb" for lawn care mid-'80s at the age of 16 while working with my dad in his landscape business. This was before landscaping was an industry. As a matter of fact, as a teen, I was responsible for maintaining the lawn at our family home. From years of maintaining my own lawn, receiving coaching from soil and lawn experts, research, as well as trial, and error, I become very experienced and proficient at lawn care and fertilization.

For years, friends, family and neighbors would ask, "How do you get your grass to look so green and healthy?" Or "Can you come and do my yard?" So, in 2021, I started offering customized lawn fertilization, diagnostics, and consultation.

Join my lawn community for tips, pics, videos and more.

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